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Port-A-Cool mobile evaporative coolers are well-known in the world of sports. This natural cooling system is used a lot in American Football (to cool grass pitches and players), to cool public (for example the Olympic Stadium of Qatar), beat the heat in sport schools and in the race world.
The race world often uses Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers due to the effectivity and mobility of this natural cooling unit. Evaporative cooling offers the ideal solution for cooling big, open well-ventilated spaces. Race fans might have seen Port-A-Cool evaporators in Nascar-Races, in Formula 1 Pitboxes or cooling the pitlane of the Formula 1 Race in Singapore. 
Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are mobile, installation-free and easy-to-use. Due to the evaporation of water, natural cooling is offered in open places like pitboxes and garages. Due to the mobility the evaporators are easy to move where cooling is needed and due to durability it can be transported all over the world.Are you interested in receiving more references of Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers in the race and sports world, for industrial cooling, event climate control or any other application that you need to cool. 
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Portable Evaporative Cooler efficient cooling option

Port-A-Cool worldwide market leader in portable evaporative cooling. We offer a wide range of installation-free, mobile units. Our solution is economical, ecological and effective in cooling large, open areas like industrial warehouses, workshops, marquees and terraces.
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Port-A-Cool, offers the solution to cool open spaces in industrial warehouses, marquees and Workshops.

Rental equipment used to cool your industry

The Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers work based on evaporation of water, consume very little energy and cool areas between 50 and 325 m2.

The high temperatures can create difficulties in obtaining a pleasant work welfare, influencing the productivity and the motivation of the employees. The solution in offices is clear, installing some airconditioning units. However, there are many places where its use is impossible or too expensive and harming the environment like in places as industrial warehouses, logistics centres, factories, workshops, hangars and marquees. For this situation, the company Life´s Cool Europe, master distributor of world market leader Port-A-Cool, imports a mobile evaporative cooler that generates fresh air based on the evaporation of water, lowering the temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees. 
The Port-A-Cool system only needs water and electricity to work, consuming a 10% of energy a tradicional airconditioning uses. Furthermore it is very easy to maintain and manage the unit in every area. The machine as well as the water tank are portable to cool the hot work places in the factories, warehouses and workshops, everything without any type of installation. Some of the models can work up to eight our without being connected to the water hose.

No wet vapour or water is expelled; just cool that cools areas between 50 and 325 square meters. At the same time, thanks to the structure and the incorporated pads, it filters the air that is expelled in public areas like terraces and sport schools and industrial environments. 
Port-A-Cool has six models in various sizes, with ventilators of 16, 24, 36 and 48 inch, depending on the area that needs to be cooled. Due to the characteristics the units are used in well-ventilated areas or places that face heat stress caused by machines and ovens. Placing evaporative coolers also can reduce the machine failure due to the heat problems.

Ideal as outdoor and marquee cooling
Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers due to the advantages are very suitable to cool outdoor applications like terraces and events, as well as marquees. The natural cooling is realized in an ecological and economical way. With this type of cooling it is possible to cool areas that before were are impossible to be climate controlled and that all in an environmental-friendly way.
Port-A-Cool, offers the solution to cool open spaces in industrial warehouses, marquees and Workshops.
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Portable evaporative industrial cooling solution

JetStream 2400 - PACJS2400

Port-A-Cool JetStream 2400 cools up to 186 m2.
• 1/3 horsepower motor
• Durable one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing
• 186-liter water tank is also sturdy, leak-proof one-piece molded plastic
• Portability of unit makes it ideal to cool marquees and workshops
• Shipped completely assembled and ready to operate, right out of the box
• Operate for around an euro a day, a fraction of the cost of standard A/C
• Environmentally friendly with efficient / effective resource use
• Energy efficient motor and pump.
• Long-term dependability plus almost maintenance-free operation
• Unit & water supply are both portable what makes it an ideal spot cooler
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Evaporative cooling car workshop dubai

Port-A-Cool Dubai
Keep employees and equipment cool:
  • Mechanic Bays
  • Repair Centers
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Tyre shops
Many companies face the same challenge every summer.  How can you keep your staff cool in an industrial workshop in an effective and economical way?  Especially workshops where the windows or doors are open, how is it even possible to cool such an open space? 
The answer is easy with a Port-A-Cool portable evaporative cooler.  

The Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process – water evaporation – with a simple, reliable air-moving system.  The portable evaporative cooling unit passes warm air through a wet filter, which cools the air as the water evaporates. This cool air is then pushed out the other side and gives a cooling effect, up to 10 Deg C.  This cool air is produced at low levels, where your staff are positioned, and pushes hot air up and way.  There is no need to cool the total volume-area of your workshop.  By positioning the portable evaporative cooler correctly, i.e. next to your work area, your cooling is targeted where it is most effective.  You can leave the doors and windows open - with more ventilation the system cools even better! 

Evaporative cooling is very efficient, with low electricity usage.  The only energy required is to power the fan that moves the air over the evaporator and a pump that moves the water.  Thus evaporative coolers provide a low-cost, low technology alternative to refrigerated air conditioning.   Normal air conditioning is a closed system, taking air from inside a building and recycling it.  For air conditioning to function properly, doors and windows should be closed.  Evaporative cooling, however, takes air from the outside.  

Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers are mobile cooling units so they can be placed just where the cooling is needed and expensive installation costs are avoided by only cooling the work areas. Small units can be positioned near a window, blowing cooled air directly into the room.  Larger units can blow air into a central location. 
An added benefit of evaporative cooling is that it works best in the hottest time of the day.  As the temperature outside increases as the sun climbs, the humidity normally drops.  In the early morning, for example, the temperature may be 20 Deg C, with a relative humidity of 60%.  By lunchtime or mid afternoon, when the temperature has gone over 30 Deg C, the humidity may well have dropped to 30% - conditions that make evaporative cooling work more effectively.
Maintenance can be carried out in-house and safely at ground level and you can pack away your portable cooling unit for winter.  

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What is Evaporative Cooling? Evaporative cooling myths

Evaporative cooling myths:
Myth: Evaporative coolers are just the same as swamp coolers.
Reality: While evaporative coolers use the same principles as the swamp coolers of yesteryear, evaporative coolers have evolved to become much more energy efficient and effective. The true difference in efficiency is in the pads -- or, to the technical among you, the rigid media. 
Port-A-Cool® units offer true differentiation because they use KUUL® pads, the strongest, heaviest pads on the market. They are especially effective in producing the most efficient cooling as they maximize the interaction between air and water. Evaporative coolers that utilize KUUL pads can lower temperatures as much as 7 degrees Celsius for an hourly operating cost of 0.05€ to 0.12€ (depending on the size of the Port-A-Cool unit; our units cover between 500 to 4,000 square feet).

Myth: Evaporative cooling units must use a lot of energy and/or cost a lot to run.
Reality: Evaporative coolers are among the most energy-efficient cooling methods available. Many of our coolers only pull the amount of electricity used to run a toaster.
Myth: Evaporative cooling works the same way an air conditioning (A/C) unit does.
Reality: No. Evaporative cooling is easier on both the environment and the pocketbook because it’s a green, natural source for cooling that runs on tap water without the use of harsh chemicals/refrigerants. Air conditioners have compressors that require a place to ventilate the heat generated from the compressor. Unlike an air conditioning system, a portable evaporative cooling unit does not require fixed ductwork for ventilation. They actually work best in large open areas like warehouses or even outdoors. In this way, Port-A-Cool units are highly portable and effectively cool areas where air conditioning is impractical and/or cost-prohibitive.

Myth: Since evaporative coolers use water, they must be essentially some form of a mister or a misting system.
Reality: No. Evaporative coolers do use water, but they don’t get you wet or spray liquid. Whether you’re feet away or right up close, what you get from an evaporative cooler is a refreshing and chilled breeze!

Myth: Evaporative cooling won’t work in humid climates or environments.
Reality: While it’s true that it’s easier to achieve significant temperature drops in more arid climates and drier spaces, evaporative coolers do still offer relief from the heat. This is where believing scientific fact, rather than myth, can help keep you cool! Even in regions where relative humidity reaches 80% at midday with temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius, evaporative coolers have been shown to offer significant relief.