Port-A-Cool cooling pads setting the standard in evaporative cooling media

A KÜÜL® pad is the highest quality rigid cooling media on the market today. Specifically, KÜÜL® pads are constructed with a heavier, virgin quality kraft paper containing a higher resin content which provides effective and efficient cooling while giving KÜÜL® pads greater durability, strength and longevity.

KÜÜL® pads are cellulose cooling cells generally cut in 2”, 4”, 6”, 12”, even up to 24” thickness, and available in any height up to 78.75”. Ag-Hort KÜÜL® pads are generally manufactured in 2”, 4”, or 6” thickness and 78” in height, while the HVAC KÜÜL® pads are available in up to 78 inches in height and 24 inches in width. The cooling media is constructed of a specially formulated paper impregnated with insoluble resin. It is designed with a cross-fluted configuration, which induces highly turbulent mixing between the water and the air inside the pad.

The air is bent at angles designed to maximize the evaporative efficiency while offering the least restriction of airflow. The cross-fluted design makes the pad strong, self-cleaning and self-supporting with high evaporative efficiency and low-pressure drop (resistance to airflow). The unique system used for manufacturing KÜÜL® pads allow the manufacture of custom flute angle designs as well as the standard angles.

KÜÜL® pad use - Climate Control
Direct evaporative cooling is most often associated with temperature reduction. With an evaporative cooling pad, air is drawn through the wet media. The heat exchange occurs as air moves over the layered, fluted surfaces of the wet pad causing water to evaporate off the pad, thus removing heat from the air.
The key in achieving the best performance from an evaporative cooling system is maximizing the amount of air that comes into contact with the cooling pad surface area. Evaporative cooling pads typically produce the most efficient evaporative cooling when they are designed to provide the maximum interaction possible between air and water.

A properly designed and maintained pad-and-fan evaporative cooling system will effectively cool ventilation air without wetting a room and its contents. Proper design supplies: 1) water impartially over and through the pad area and 2) the desired air flow through the room. Good maintenance practices preserve the pad and keep the water delivery system in proper working

Why are KÜÜL® pads unique?

KÜÜL® pads are the only cooling media designed and engineered specifically for different marketplaces. The agriculture and horticulture industries demanded more longevity from their media. KÜÜL® pads responded with the strongest, most durable pad on the market. The Ag-Hort, KÜÜL® pad design includes the heaviest basis weight paper used in the industry, as well as the highest percentage of resin. The results of this combination are evident in the Ag-Hort, KÜÜL® pad’s unmatched strength, rigidity, and pad life.

The HVAC, KÜÜL® pad design rises to the demands of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries by improving the saturatability of the media while surpassing the existing longevity standards. The HVAC, KÜÜL® pad has developed through years of research in the paper, saturation, and corrugation industries resulting in a product with superior saturating capabilities.

Port-A-Cool®, LLC KÜÜL® pads have been engineered to consider the product demands associated with application in the agricultural/horticultural and commercial evaporative cooling markets. Port-A-Cool®, LLC utilizes its own specialized method of manufacturing evaporative cooling media, the Thru-Cure method, which ensures that each individual sheet in a KÜÜL® pad is cured separately prior to its formation into block media thereby providing unmatched structural integrity.

Why are KÜÜL® pads the strongest?
Single sheets of fluted cellulose virgin Kraft paper are impregnated and treated to provide both longevity and efficient wetting. The sheets are adhered together to form a block and KÜÜL® pads are cut from the blocks to meet size specifications. Thermal-setting resins are used to strengthen the paper and achieve water resistance. The resin impregnation and cure creates a rigid paper product that is self-supporting and water-resistant.
Why are KÜÜL® pads the best choice

KÜÜL® pads are available in custom sizes and with or without edge coating. KÜÜL® pads are the best choice for your unique cooling needs.
LONG LIFE - Utilizing the Thru-Cure method makes KÜÜL® pads more structurally durable and long-lasting

HIGH EFFICIENCY - Cross-fluted pad configuration maximizes evaporative efficiency and makes the pad self-cleaning

MAXIMUM COOLING - HVAC pads are specially manufactured to meet the demanding needs of that industry by providing the maximum saturation posssible

SELF-SUPPORTING - Ag-Hort pads include the heaviest paper, as well as the highest percentage of resin, making them rigid and long-lasting


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