Portable Sideline Cooler NFL

Cooling the Little League Dugout or the NFL Sidelines, Port-A-Cool Keeps it Cool
If you watch much NFL football, you've probably seen Port-A-Cool units on each end of the bench, keeping players cool and helping avoid heat stress. You may have also seen Port-A-Cool units on the local soccer field, baseball dugout, high school gym, or Special Olympics event providing the same cool relief the NFL players enjoy.

Sideline Cooler
Sideline Cooler Port-A-Cool is the official sideline cooler of a number of college and professional sports teams.
Practice Field
Help players young or old avoid heat stress during practice by setting up a cooling station.

Gym and Health Center
Gyms and Health Centers
Keep guests cooler by the pool or during workouts with Port-A-Cool units placed in open areas.

Countdown AHR EXPO New York: Visit our Port-A-Cool booth

AHR Expo New York: Visit our Port-A-Cool booth and see the latest innovations.

Port-A-Cool world market leader in evaporative cooling is exhibiting the latest innovations in evaporative cooling during next AHR Expo in New York (USA) which will be held from 21st till the 23rd of January.
Innovations in new portable evaporative coolers like the Port-A-Cool Hurricane 3600 and the new portable terrace and patio cooler, Port-A-Cool Islander. There is also a dominant position for the secret of the effective Port-A-Cool units: The Küül-Pads, worlds most effective evaporative cooling pads, used a lot in agricultural applications. 
Please come to the AHR EXPO in New York and discuss with our colleagues your opportunities with Port-A-Cool products. We are located at booth 2651.
Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling units are the industry standard. For the location of a distributor near you, or for answers to your questions about Port-A-Cool® products, send an e-mail to info@port-a-cool.com or log on to www.port-a-cool.com.

PortACool rental options marquee and event cooling solutions

Port-A-Cool rentals are available for all occasions. From big events to an intimate gathering among friends, we will help you decide which unit(s) will best suit your needs. Port-A-Cool Rentals are available for both short and long term rentals.
Whether you need portable cooling for your workshop, factory or marquee. Life´s Cool Europe may help you with all your cooling requirements.
In above pictures you can see an example of PortACool evaporative coolers, cooling a large party tent in The Netherlands where a big concert was helt last summer and due to the installation of the Port-A-Cool 36" and JetStream 2400 units, the temperature was pleasant with thousands of visitors.
At Life´s Cool Europe we can provide you with the contact data of your local distributor.  We are pleased to offer you a custom-made solution for your event. 

Contact us for contact details of your local Port-A-Cool distributors
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International sales: info@lc-europe.com // www.lc-europe.com

Safety instructions working with high temp

The Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers work based on evaporation of water, consume very little energy and cool areas between 50 and 325 m2.
The high temperatures can create difficulties in obtaining a pleasant work welfare, influencing the productivity and the motivation of the employees. The solution in offices is clear, installing some airconditioning units. However, there are many places where its use is impossible or too expensive and harming the environment like in places as industrial warehouses, logistics centres, factories, workshops, hangars and marquees. For this situation, the company Life´s Cool Europe, master distributor of world market leader Port-A-Cool, imports a mobile evaporative cooler that generates fresh air based on the evaporation of water, lowering the temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees. 
The Port-A-Cool system only needs water and electricity to work, consuming a 10% of energy a tradicional airconditioning uses. Furthermore it is very easy to maintain and manage the unit in every area. The machine as well as the water tank are portable to cool the hot work places in the factories, warehouses and workshops, everything without any type of installation. Some of the models can work up to eight our without being connected to the water hose.

No wet vapour or water is expelled; just cool that cools areas between 50 and 325 square meters. At the same time, thanks to the structure and the incorporated pads, it filters the air that is expelled in public areas like terraces and sport schools and industrial environments. 
Port-A-Cool has six models in various sizes, with ventilators of 16, 24, 36 and 48 inch, depending on the area that needs to be cooled. Due to the characteristics the units are used in well-ventilated areas or places that face heat stress caused by machines and ovens. Placing evaporative coolers also can reduce the machine failure due to the heat problems.
Ideal as outdoor and marquee cooling
Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers due to the advantages are very suitable to cool outdoor applications like terraces and events, as well as marquees. The natural cooling is realized in an ecological and economical way. With this type of cooling it is possible to cool areas that before were are impossible to be climate controlled and that all in an environmental-friendly way.
Port-A-Cool, offers the solution to cool open spaces in industrial warehouses, marquees and Workshops.
Contact us for contact details of your local Port-A-Cool distributors:
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