Life's Cool Europe introduces the Port-A-Cool JetStream 2400

Wednesday, 05 May 2010
JetStream 2400Life´s Cool Europe is proud to announce the arrival of the first “European” Port-A-Cool JetStream™ 2400 to the European warehouse in The Netherlands.  The Port-A-Cool JetStream™ is brand new for 2010 in the Port-A-Cool® evaporative cooling line. The JetStream™ 2400 has features not offered in any other model and unique among competitors’ evaporative cooling products.

The new model includes standard Port-A-Cool® unit features that have made the name a trusted leader in portable evaporative cooling along with a few news ones that make this model unique. The JetStream™ 2400 features a huge 182 liter water reservoir built into the one-piece leak and rust resistant housing for extending cooling without having to refill.

The unit effectively cools a generous 186 square meter area and has a handy cord wrap for tidy storage when not in use. The Port-A-Cool JetStream™ 2400 also features a unique louver panel that allows concentrated spot cooling simultaneously to the left, right, up and down. This can be an effective way to cool assembly lines, shops, industrial equipment, outdoor events, and even animal housing where intense, directed spot cooling is needed.